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What makes our blankets different?

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Muslin Swaddle Blanket
Wai + Tori Swaddle Blanket

When we first decided to embark on our journey in the baby industry. We were so confused about where to start and the different cloth types available. Talk about overwhelming! As we started ordering various samples, we became more educated on the different qualities available to make babywear. And so our journey began, to give you, our customer the best and premium quality products there were to offer.

So what makes us different?

  1. At Wai + Tori, we wanted to create boutique-style panda designs that were fresh, stylish, fun, trendy, and of great quality. But soft for a baby's sensitive and delicate skin that could be used year-round and into toddlerhood.

2. Our muslin swaddle blankets are made from 100% Bamboo Rayon which is the softest on the market, as well as 70% Bamboo and 30% Cotton which makes our products durable but not sacrificed on the softness of the fabric.

3. Our patterns are custom designed and printed using non-toxic dyes.

4. Our products are pre-washed before they are mailed and shipped out to customers.

5. Our swaddles are not just beautiful but functional and can be used in toddlerhood.

Our little one's sensitive skin deserves the best, so why not treat them to great quality products that will last into toddlerhood. Check out our custom swaddles and get yours today!

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