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Navigating Parental Shifts After A New Baby

Bringing home a new baby, especially for new parents, can be quite scary. You get handed a new baby and are expected to keep him or her alive, quite the most daunting and overwhelming job for any new parents. To lessen the stress and burden of caring for a new baby, the best resource currently available is offered by the company GiveInKind.

GiveInKind allows new parents to create a page on their site to rally the support of their friends, family, and co-workers to provide the help best for their needs and circumstances. Once a GiveInKind page is created, you are able to add gift cards to your wish list for items such as groceries, food delivery, Netflix, pharmacy items, and more. They also have a calendar that allows the new parent's to schedule when they would like support, such as helping to clean the house, dropping off dinner, lunch, or breakfast, dropping off groceries, helping with laundry, providing childcare for parents with other children, pet care, transportation to/from doctors appointments, or coming over to spend time just to chat and talk about how to care for your baby. New parents can also use the scheduler for themselves to schedule when to come home for dinner and help with bath time or block off time to read to baby, or schedule a day on weekends for a walk with the baby while the primary caretaker for baby can get some well due rest.

Here's a sample of the schedule I used:

7 am - 9 am - I cuddle with my baby and feed her

9 am - 6 pm - Playtime, feed, and take a nap

6 pm - 7 pm - My partner helps to prepare dinner or bring home take-out, and we eat together as a family

7 pm - 7:15 pm - My partner takes our daughter for a walk

7:15 - 8 pm - My partner bathes our baby, puts on her outfit, and reads her a bedtime story

8 pm - 9/9:30 pm - I breastfeed for 15-20min on each breast, then rock her to sleep. Everyone knows this process can take 1-2hrs. It all depends on your baby.

This is just a basic schedule that you and your partner or a family member can model and make your own. The GiveInKind page calendar is the perfect source you can utilize to get the necessary help you need to function daily with the day-to-day care your baby needs.

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