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What Fabric Should You Choose for your baby Swaddles?

There are so many fabrics available when shopping for baby products. What's the difference? What's bamboo cotton? Which is best for my baby?

I understand your frustration. When I was creating my line of baby products, it was so overwhelming on what fabrics were available and which to choose. Here's a quick guide to help you make the best choice for your baby.

Bamboo Cotton - As for seventy percent Bamboo and thirty percent cotton, it's a mixture between the two. The cotton makes it durable but the bamboo makes it extra soft and stays soft over time as mentioned, with each wash the fabric just shrinks up and over time may become less soft for the baby's skin

Bamboo Rayon & Bamboo Viscose - Our 100% Bamboo Rayon fabric is silky soft, the softest on the market. Due to the lack of a cotton mixture, the bamboo doesn't shrink and keeps its softness over time which is perfect for newborns and infants' sensitive skin. Bamboo is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial which makes it the perfect material for summertime. And it's moisture-wicking and very breathable. When washed, this material maintains its silky smooth feel but doesn't maintain its durability over time.

Organic Cotton/ 100% Cotton - Blankets made from cotton are more durable but not as soft as their other counterparts made from bamboo. When washed, cotton shrinks up and becomes less soft as time goes by. And starts feeling rough on the baby's skin which is delicate and sensitive. Though cotton material can be rough, it's perfect for snuggles during wintertime and keeps your little one warm.

At Wai+ Tori, your little one's skin comes first, and bamboo material is Important when creating products that are soft and silky on your sweet pea's sensitive skin. Durability comes second which is why the majority of our swaddles are a bamboo cotton mix. As for our patterns, they are custom designed and then printed using non-toxic dyes, as well as pre-washed before they are mailed and shipped out to customers. Your little one's sensitive skin deserves the best, so why not treat them to great quality products that will last into toddlerhood. Check out our custom swaddles and get yours today!

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