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Considering a Home Birth? Questions to Ask a Home Birthing Provider

While on my journey to learning more about home birth, I stumbled on this book, 'The Essential HomeBirth Guide For Families Planning of Considering Birthing at Home.' This book had some great information regarding what's needed for a home birth, what takes place during prenatal meetings, the birthing experience, and what takes place after the birth. After reading the book from front to back, I was in love with all the questions provided to ask a potential provider before making the critical decision to have a home birth. Here is the list of questions in the book provided when considering if a home birthing provider is right for you:

I have listed only 5 questions from each category provided in the book. You will have to purchase the book to view all the questions.

Questions About Her Business & Training

1. Are you licensed by the state? If not, why?

2. How would you describe your philosophy about midwifery and birthing?

3. What are your fees?

4. What other costs might accrue?

5. Are you open to a payment plan and, if so, what would that look like?

Questions About Prenatal Care

  1. What are your expectations of clients during pregnancy?

  2. What do your prenatal visits consist of?

  3. What are things that would cause me to risk out of your care and a home birth?

  4. Who will be at my prenatal visits and what is their role?

  5. How do you make decisions about tests and procedures, and which ones do you offer?

Questions About Preparing the Home

  1. What kind of supplies and equipment should I provide? Where should I purchase them from?

  2. What kind of food should we have ready for your team?

  3. We have a pet or in-laws living with us; will that be a problem for you?

  4. What kind of map to our home should I give you?

Questions About the Birth

  1. When should I call you or tell you I am In labor?

  2. At what point in my labor will you come to my home?

  3. What kinds of supplies do you bring with you?

  4. What happens if I tear, will you suture me?

  5. Have you handled emergencies with mothers and babies before?

  6. Bonus: What is your transfer rate?

Questions About the Baby and Postpartum Care

  1. Are you trained to resuscitate a newborn?

  2. Do you do a newborn exam at home?

  3. How often do you visit us at home after the birth?

  4. When should we see a pediatrician?

  5. How do we obtain a birth certificate?

Peta's bonus questions:

  1. What room do you think would be best for the pool for a waterbirth?

  2. Are you or your team allergic to any incense or essential oils?

  3. Have you ever had a lotus birth? What herbs do you suggest for my lotus birth?

  4. What items are needed for my lotus birth?

  5. What's the procedure for handling mother and baby emergencies?

  6. Are you able to administer Pitocin if needed?

  7. Will you or your team act as my doula as well if necessary?

Drichta, J. E., Owen, J., & Northrup, C. (2013b). The Essential Homebirth Guide: For Families Planning or Considering Birthing at Home. In Questions to Ask During an Interview (Original ed., p. Appendix A). Gallery Books.

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