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Top 10 Recommended Nipple Creams

Let's talk about boobs! So the research says breastfeeding shouldn't hurt, which is true unless there's an issue going on but let's face it, our boobs are sore and the last thing we want is to continuously feed baby on sore, dry and cracked nipples. So here are some great nipple creams for you mama's out there to help relieve soreness and cracked nipples after every feeding.

1. Lanolin Cream. It works! I just wipe it off before breastfeeding.

2. Medela Lanolin Nipple Cream

3. Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter

4. Mother Love Nipple Cream (lanolin-free)

5. Tiny Human Nipple Crack (lanolin-free)

6. Bamboobies Pumping Lubricant & Nipple Cream

7. Mommyz Love Organic Nipple Balm

8. Era Organics Mommy Balm

9. Upspring Baby Organic Nipple Balm & Nipple Cream

10. Coconut Oil or Olive Oil. Yes, some mamas swear by it. I tried it, and it did take care of my cracked nipples but sadly didn't do anything for soreness.

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